¿Cómo cambiar combinación de mochila antirrobo Orkney? - ORKNEY Urban Style

How to change combination of ORKNEY anti-theft backpack


To help you get the most out of your anti-theft backpack, we have prepared a quick guide to use your integrated padlock.

01 - Once you have received your anti-theft backpack:

The initial code of the backpack lock is: 0-0-0. First you can block your lock using this code.

To do this, place the two tabs of the rack in the closing slots. Next, codify your code and turn the 3 digits indicating a random code.

To unlock the zipper and open the backpack, return the code in 0 - 0 - 0 and press the side of the padlock.



02 - Change the lock code

To choose a custom secret code for your lock, it must be first in an open position and with the tongues of the extended zipper (see photo 01).

With the tip of a ballpoint pen or a fine object, press the combination release button (photo 03). This button remains pressed.

Once pressed the unlock button, rotate the numeric wheels (photo 04) to choose your three-digit personal code.

Write this new code to be able to find it again if you forget it!

03 - Confirm your new blocking code

To lock your new numerical combination, finally press the main button of your lock, normally located on the side of it.

You will hear a "click" and the lock button will go out.

Finally, you mess up your code by turning the numeric wheels at random.