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How to clean synthetic leather bags or PU?

Bags made of synthetic leather or also called PU leatherIt is a more durable and less expensive alternative to authentic leather. Bags made with PU leather can be cleaned, but we can not simply introduce them to the washing machine or remove the stains with any product, because the material runs the risk of wearing, fading and even breaking. And below, we explain how to do it.

          Never rinse the leather directly in the water

Direct contact with water could make your image worse, and spread more stains. What should be done in these situations is to place a dry paper towel on it and expect it to absorb dirt.

  1. Soak with water a cloth or sponge and clean the surface.It is advisable to use hot water. If you clean in this way you will trap dust, dirt and other remains. The polyurethane is cleaned more easily than normal leather, so this is enough for daily care and little dirty surfaces.
  2. Use a soap bar for the most resistant dirt.If it is a stain or dirt that already rubbed, the pure water may not be enough. Use a soap without perfume to make sure it does not have chemical substances or that possible residues affect leather. Rub the bar on dirt more resistant.
    • For this step, you can also use liquid soap or detergent for dishes.
  3. Clean the soap with a damp cloth.Clean thoroughly until the surface has absolutely nothing soap. Leaving soap on the surface can damage it.
  4. Let the surface dry. You can pass a dry cloth to the surface to accelerate the drying process.